Airbrush Makeup

Applying makeup with brushes and sponges has been the only way since the beginning of time. That is of course until airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is sprayed from an airbrush onto the skin. When makeup is sprayed through an airbrush it turns into millions of tiny droplets. When these droplets connect with the skin they create a flawless, lightweight, natural appearance. Even better, airbrush makeup lasts all day and all night.

History of Airbrush Makeup

Since it’s first appearance in the 1959 film Ben Hur, airbrush makeup was generally reserved for the rich and famous. That has all changed in recent years as the technique has became increasingly important for use with high definition video. This increase in popularity has made airbrush supplies and application specialists much more available.

Airbrush Makeup System from Temptu

Airbrush Makeup at Heather AnnZ Salon

Heather AnnZ Salon primarily uses a silicon based foundation from Temptu. The Temptu silicon based foundations are amazing. They were designed for versatility and provide a natural healthy finish on every skin type. The Temptu makeup line is the highest quality silicone based makeup formula on the market.

Whats the Occasion?

Airbrush makeup can be applied for any occasion or just a night out on the town but it is most commonly used for events like proms, weddings, and photo shoots. But what about dancing, literally dancing your face off? The silicon based airbrush makeup used by Heather AnnZ Salon can handle anything you throw at it. Wind, sweat, water, no worries. When you are all finished for the evening, simply wash off with soap and water.

Scheduling Appointments

Airbrush makeup application ranges quite a bit depending on your desired outcome. Because of this, Heather AnnZ Salon currently cannot offer scheduling of airbrush makeup services online. If you would like a airbrush makeup appointment or consultation for an upcoming event please call Heather AnnZ Salon at 701-566-0288 or submit a request via our contact from.