Balayage Highlights

The balayage highlight technique is becoming an increasingly popular way to brighten your look with highlights. Balayage highlights are similar to traditional foil highlights but can offer a more natural sun-kissed look. This technique used to be considered a specialty, but balayage highlight are just as, if not more popular than traditional highlights.

Whats the Difference?

Traditional hair highlights are often applied to the hair with foils. Traditional foil highlights look great but the process forces you to work row by row. This can give the highlights a linear or very patterned look. In comparison, balayage highlights are painted on the hair without the use of foils. This creates a different look for a few reasons.

Placement – The application of balayage highlights allows a greater degree of freedom for highlight placement. This freedom, more of less random placement, creates a more natural sun-kissed look.

Balayage Highlights
Processing – When standard highlights are applied the entire length of hair is placed in a foil. Because the entire length of the hair is placed in a foil, the hair processes for the same amount of time. This means the entire length of the hair ends up being the same color. Balayage highlights are generally applied to the hair without being placed at the root. This creates a gradual transition from your base color to the highlighted color.

Balayage Highlights at Heather AnnZ Salon

Once considered only a specialty, balayage highlights are available at Heather AnnZ Salon. Some clients like balayage highlights placed just around their face but many like highlights throughout their hair. You even have the option of a drastic contrast or a more natural contrast. The choice it yours! If you need assistance, Heather AnnZ Salon will evaluate your face shape, current style, and hair texture to make recommendations of the highlight style and color that suits you best. Either way you can be assured that balayage highlights from Heather AnnZ Salon will give you that beautiful, natural, sun-kissed look.

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