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Heather AnnZ Salon in The Fargo Forum

It has been a few days since the article was published but if you missed it Heather AnnZ Salon was mentioned in The Fargo Forum. The original article was published in the Saturday June 28th 2013 business section. It is unlikely that you still have a forum laying around from that day, fortunately The Fargo Forum publishes most of their content online.

The Fargo Forum briefly discussed when the business was started and how Heather AnnZ Salon started becoming one of the top hair salons in Fargo ND.

The focus of the article was Heather AnnZ Salon’s new website and mobile optimized website. There have been a few changes since the article was written but we will leave those for another post.

Check out Heather AnnZ Salon in The Fargo Forum HERE.