Hair Color for Everyone!

Don’t worry, you hair is in great hands. After years of experimenting on unsuspecting clients without their prior approval or knowledge, Heather AnnZ Salon has finally found one of the best hair color lines out there! No need to worry, we are all done experimenting for now. (Insert Evil Laugh)

The Best Color Line

What would you say to the shiniest, most dimensional color, with the best grey coverage? RUSK! How does Rusk do all of this? Science! They came up with intense micro pure pigment technology that saturates hair with intense, vibrant color and leaves it looking and feeling healthy at the same time. I don’t know about you but intense micro pure pigment sounds pretty awesome to me, it’s science, and the results are truly amazing.
Rusk Hair Color

Hair Color Services

Heather AnnZ Salon offers many color services using the amazing color line from Rusk.

Single Hair ColorThe single hair color is exactly what it sounds like. One all over application of one color. This is the most basic color service that colors hair from root to end in one even tone giving the hair shine and vibrancy. The single hair color is great for covering those pesky grey hairs or going to a darker color.

Double Hair ColorThe double hair color adds to single color by incorporating an additional color. Thinking of some highlights or lowlights? An all over single hair color with highlights or lowlights is considered a double hair color.

Triple Hair ColorThe triple hair color takes things one step further by adding a third color. This is great if you are looking for a beautiful multi-dimensional style. If you let your imagination run wild and have something creative in mind, the triple hair color is for you.

An Easy Decision

Having trouble picking a new style or not sure what service you need. Get professional help! Feel free to Schedule An Appointment, bring you ideas, and let the professionals design a color profile that suits your personality and features. Go back to services for additional services from Heather AnnZ Salon.