Mobile Website

**Update** The Adaptive Layer has been temporarily disabled. After a few issues are resolved the adaptive layer will be restored. **Update**

In the not to distant past Heather AnnZ Salon launched a mobile optimized website. There was a post about it written here. This mobile optimized version was designed to be super fast loading, and easy to use on your mobile device. Scheduling an appointment couldn’t be easier than online in the palm of you hand.

Can it get any Easier?

Turns out it could get easier. Instead of the mobile optimized site being at a different website address like our mobile website it at You might be thinking wait what I thought I was at already at How is this possible?

Cutting Edge Technology

Heather AnnZ Salon has deployed cutting edge web technology called an “Adaptive Layer”. In simple terms what this means is depending on what device you use to visit, is formatted specifically for that device. You may have seen this before and not even noticed it at popular search engines like Google and Bing. Grab your smartphone and give it a try. You will see the technology in action.

Out with the Old

What if you already bookmarked the old mobile site url on your smartphone? Don’t worry we have taken care of that to. You will automatically be redirected to and see the latest mobile website version. If you are not a big fan of the mobile optimized version no worries. Look for the link in the footer to view the desktop site.