Mens Hair Services

Don’t let the pink scare you away. Heather AnnZ Salon offers many salon services for men. Everything from mens haircuts to colors and styles.

Mens Haircuts

Job interview, meeting that special someone, just want to look your best? You only get one first impression and a sub-standard haircut stands out like a sore thumb. No offense but guys, you are worst at seeing a sign for a $5 haircut and running towards it like is the last chance on earth to get a trim. Ever heard the saying you get what you pay for?

A new mens haircut at Heather AnnZ Salon won’t break the bank either. Current price is only $20. That gets you more than just a haircut. Most mens haircuts also include a wash, scalp massage, and style. You also can put your trust in Heather AnnZ Salon that you will leave looking your best.

Clipper for Mens Haircuts

Mens Color Services

Seeing some grey show through you aren’t quite ready for? Wanting to change your look with a different hair color? Create some contrast with highlight or lowlights? All of these services are available for men at Heather AnnZ Salon. Don’t be shy, you are not the only one. What is worse, the embarrassment of one trip to the hair salon or not looking and feeling your best every day?

If you are not sure if a color service is right for you, get professional help. Give Heather AnnZ Salon a call for a phone consultation.

Mens Services

  • Mens Haircuts
  • Mens Hair Color
  • Mens Highlights
  • Mens Lowlights
  • Mens Facial Waxing

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