Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair color is a very popular hair coloring style. The standard ombre is hair color that starts out darker on the top of the head and blends to lighter colored ends. The beauty of the ombre hair color is you are only limited by your imagination.

Ombre Hair Options

The ombre hair color options are pretty much limitless. You can pick drastic hair colors and go from super dark to super light or pick colors that blend and compliment each other. You can even opt for the reverse ombre and go from a lighter color to a darker color.

Ombre Hair Color - Heather AnnZ Salon - Fargo ND

Favorite Ombre Colors

Starting with a base color of chocolate brown that fades into warm caramel colors is one of the favorite ombre hair colors at Heather AnnZ Salon. Another favorite ombre hair color is a rich vibrant red that fades into bright coppers and golds.

Colors for Ombre

Heather AnnZ Salon currently uses the Rusk hair color line. Rusk uses technology and science to saturate hair with intense vibrant color and even leaves the hair looking and feeling healthy. They call this technology micro pure pigment technology, and it rocks!

Pick your Ombre

Have any ideas for your next Ombre hair color yet? The options really are only limited by your imagination. Pick a base color to start with and another color to transition to. You can chose anything from two drastically different hair colors with a sharp transition to two complimentary colors that gradually transition. Both offer different looks and both look amazing.

Ask the Pros

If have some ideas for you next ombre hair color but haven’t exactly decided yet and need some assistance, ask Heather AnnZ Salon. Heather is available for phone or in appointment color consultations to help you make the color choices for you next ombre hair service. We have our current favorite ombre hair color’s but you never know, yours could be next!

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