Highlights and Lowlights

Heather AnnZ Salon offers many different hair coloring techniques. All over hair colors with the right haircut and style are amazing. Highlights and lowlights can be added to all over colors for something extra. If you like your current hair color, keep it! Highlights and lowlights are a fun way to introduce additional color while keeping your current base color.

The difference between hair highlights and lowlights is pretty straight forward. Highlighting is the processes of lightening sections of hair and lowlighting is the process of darkening sections of hair. You can even “highlight” you hair with unnatural colors for an even more dramatic look.

Rusk Color Line

Heather AnnZ Salon uses the Rusk hair color line when adding colored highlights or lowlighting hair. Rusk hair color uses intense micro pure pigment technology. This leaves the hair looking and feeling healthy while saturating hair with intense vibrant color.


If you have never had highlights or lowlights before you may be wondering how those sections of hair are kept separate from the rest. Foils are used when adding highlights or lowlights to keep the sections being treated separated from the rest. The main job of the foils is to protect the parts of your hair that is not being colored during the processing time.

Highlight and Lowlight Services

There are a few different highlight and lowlight options available at Heather AnnZ Salon. You can chose from a full head of foils, a partial foil, or even individual or placement foils.

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Foil Highlights and Lowlights