Hair Dyeing

do i need developer to dye my hair

Do I Need Developer to Dye My Hair? An Essential Guide

If you’re looking to color your hair at home, you may be wondering – do I need to use developer with hair dye? Developer, also known as oxidant or activator, plays a key role in permanent and demi-permanent hair coloring. But is it completely necessary? Let’s take a closer look. Overview Developer is required for … Read more

will leave in conditioner affect hair dye

Will Leave-in Conditioner Affect Hair Dye?

Hair dyeing is an art that takes skill, knowledge and the right products to get it just right. As a hair stylist, I’m often asked how leave-in conditioners affect hair dye and if they should be avoided. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how leave-in conditioners interact with hair … Read more

how long to leave strawberry leopard hair dye in

How Long to Leave Strawberry Leopard Hair Dye In

Strawberry Leopard hair dye has quickly become one of the most popular semi-permanent hair colors on the market. Known for its vibrant, long-lasting colors and conditioner-based formula, Strawberry Leopard allows you to achieve fun, colorful hair without damaging your locks. But to get the best results from Strawberry Leopard hair dye, it’s important to leave … Read more

can i dye my hair after flat ironing it

Can I Dye My Hair After Flat Ironing It?

Flat ironing your hair creates a smooth, sleek look while hair dye allows you to change up your color. But is it safe to dye your hair shortly after flat ironing it? The short answer is yes, you can dye your hair after flat ironing, but you need to be careful. Repeated use of hot … Read more

can i return hair dye to sally's

Can I Return Hair Dye to Sally’s?

Sally Beauty offers a generous return policy on hair dye and other beauty products. Their “Love It or Return It” guarantee allows you to get a refund or exchange on hair color you bought at Sally’s, even if it’s been opened or used. Here’s what you need to know about returning hair dye to Sally’s … Read more

can you mix olaplex 3 with hair dye

Can You Mix Olaplex 3 with Hair Dye?

Olaplex has become a hugely popular bonding treatment that can dramatically strengthen and repair damaged hair. When it comes to using Olaplex with hair dye, many people wonder if it’s safe and effective to mix the two together. Specifically, can you add Olaplex No. 3 to your color formula? The short answer is no – … Read more

do you wash hair dye out with shampoo

Do You Wash Hair Dye Out With Shampoo?

After spending time and money coloring your hair, you want to make sure the results look amazing. An important part of the process is knowing whether and when to use shampoo to wash out the hair dye. Shampooing plays a role in removing excess color and setting your new hue. But how soon should you … Read more

how to measure developer for hair dye

How to Measure Developer for Hair Dye: A Complete Guide

Mixing hair dye and developer correctly is crucial for achieving your desired hair color results. Using the right proportions ensures even color coverage and penetration into the hair shaft. So how exactly should you measure out developer when coloring your hair? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about measuring developer for hair … Read more