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Hair Color Services

Heather AnnZ Salon offers many color services using the amazing color line from Rusk.

What would you say to the shiniest, most dimensional color, with the best grey coverage? RUSK! How does Rusk do all of this? Science! They came up with intense micro pure pigment technology that saturates hair with intense, vibrant color and leaves it looking and feeling healthy at the same time. I don’t know about you but intense micro pure pigment sounds pretty awesome to me, it’s science, and the results are truly amazing.

Single Hair Color – The single hair color is exactly what it sounds like. One all over application of one color. This is the most basic color service that colors hair from root to end in one even tone giving the hair shine and vibrancy. The single hair color is great for covering those pesky grey hairs or going to a darker color.

Double Hair Color – The double hair color adds to single color by incorporating an additional color. Thinking of some highlights or lowlights? An all over single hair color with highlights or lowlights is considered a double hair color.

Triple Hair Color – The triple hair color takes things one step further by adding a third color. This is great if you are looking for a beautiful multi-dimensional style. If you let your imagination run wild and have something creative in mind, the triple hair color is for you.

Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights can be added to all over colors for something extra

If you like your current hair color, keep it! Highlights and lowlights are a fun way to introduce additional color while keeping your current base color.

The difference between hair highlights and lowlights is pretty straight forward. Highlighting is the processes of lightening sections of hair and lowlighting is the process of darkening sections of hair. You can even “highlight” you hair with unnatural colors for an even more dramatic look.

Rusk Color Line – Heather AnnZ Salon uses the Rusk hair color line when adding colored highlights or lowlighting hair. Rusk hair color uses intense micro pure pigment technology. This leaves the hair looking and feeling healthy while saturating hair with intense vibrant color.

Foils – If you have never had highlights or lowlights before you may be wondering how those sections of hair are kept separate from the rest. Foils are used when adding highlights or lowlights to keep the sections being treated separated from the rest. The main job of the foils is to protect the parts of your hair that is not being colored during the processing time.

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Balayage Highlights

The balayage highlight technique is becoming an increasingly popular way to brighten your look with highlights

Traditional hair highlights are often applied to the hair with foils. Traditional foil highlights look great but the process forces you to work row by row. This can give the highlights a linear or very patterned look. In comparison, balayage highlights are painted on the hair without the use of foils. This creates a different look for a few reasons.

Placement – The application of balayage highlights allows a greater degree of freedom for highlight placement. This freedom, more of less random placement, creates a more natural sun-kissed look.

Processing – When standard highlights are applied the entire length of hair is placed in a foil. Because the entire length of the hair is placed in a foil, the hair processes for the same amount of time. This means the entire length of the hair ends up being the same color. Balayage highlights are generally applied to the hair without being placed at the root. This creates a gradual transition from your base color to the highlighted color.

Ombre Hair Color

The beauty of the ombre hair color is you are only limited by your imagination

Favorite Ombre Colors
Starting with a base color of chocolate brown that fades into warm caramel colors is one of the favorite ombre hair colors at Heather AnnZ Salon. Another favorite ombre hair color is a rich vibrant red that fades into bright coppers and golds.

Colors for Ombre
Heather AnnZ Salon currently uses the Rusk hair color line. Rusk uses technology and science to saturate hair with intense vibrant color and even leaves the hair looking and feeling healthy. They call this technology micro pure pigment technology, and it rocks!

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Airbrush Makeup

Heather AnnZ Salon primarily uses a silicon based foundation from Temptu.

Applying makeup with brushes and sponges has been the only way since the beginning of time. That is of course until airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is sprayed from an airbrush onto the skin. When makeup is sprayed through an airbrush it turns into millions of tiny droplets. When these droplets connect with the skin they create a flawless, lightweight, natural appearance. Even better, airbrush makeup lasts all day and all night.

Mens Hair Services

Everything from mens haircuts to colors and styles.

Mens Haircuts
Job interview, meeting that special someone, just want to look your best? You only get one first impression and a sub-standard haircut stands out like a sore thumb. No offense but guys, you are worst at seeing a sign for a $5 haircut and running towards it like is the last chance on earth to get a trim. Ever heard the saying you get what you pay for?

A new mens haircut at Heather AnnZ Salon won’t break the bank either. Current price is only $20. That gets you more than just a haircut. Most mens haircuts also include a wash, scalp massage, and style. You also can put your trust in Heather AnnZ Salon that you will leave looking your best.

Mens Color Services
Seeing some grey show through you aren’t quite ready for? Wanting to change your look with a different hair color? Create some contrast with highlight or lowlights? All of these services are available for men at Heather AnnZ Salon. Don’t be shy, you are not the only one. What is worse, the embarrassment of one trip to the hair salon or not looking and feeling your best every day?

If you are not sure if a color service is right for you, get professional help. Give Heather AnnZ Salon a call for a phone consultation.

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