Hair Curling

do all poodles have curly hair

Do All Poodles Have Curly Hair?

The Poodle is one of the most iconic dog breeds, instantly recognizable for its lush coat of tight curls and unique haircuts. But while curly fur is characteristic of the breed, not every Poodle actually has this signature wavy coat. This article will dive into the details around Poodle coats – when they develop curls, … Read more

can you use curly hair products on straight hair

Can You Use Curly Hair Products on Straight Hair?

Curly hair products cater to the specific needs of naturally curly locks. With their intense hydration and curl enhancing formulas, it’s tempting for those with straight hair to give them a try. But is it actually effective or healthy to use products formulated for curly hair on straight hair? Let’s dive in and explore the … Read more

how to thin out thick curly hair

How to Thin Out Thick Curly Hair for More Manageable Locks

For those blessed with a lush mane of thick, curly hair, taming unruly locks can feel like a constant battle. While voluminous curls are beautiful, dealing with dense, bulky hair that’s heavy How to Thin Out Curly Hair – TheSalonGuy FAQ Is it OK to thin thick curly hair? It is possible that a hairstylist … Read more

how to use hair gel for curly hair

How to Use Hair Gel for Curly Hair

Having curly hair can be both a blessing and a curse. The natural volume and bounce is beautiful, but controlling frizz and achieving definition can be a challenge. Using the right styling products is key to managing curls and bringing out their best look. Hair gel is one product that can make a big difference … Read more

are babies born with curly hair

Are Babies Born with Curly Hair?

As a new parent, you probably find yourself wondering what your baby’s hair will look like as they grow. Will they have straight locks or beautiful natural curls? The texture and appearance of a baby’s hair is often hard to determine right away. While some babies are born with a head full of curly hair, … Read more

how often should you detangle curly hair

How Often Should You Detangle Curly Hair?

Detangling is an essential part of curly hair care. But how often do curls really need detangling? This article will provide tips on the ideal detangling frequency for different curl types and styles. Overview of Detangling Curly Hair Detangling removes knots and tangles from curly hair. The benefits include: Reduced breakage and shedding Even product … Read more

how to style toddler curly hair

How to Style Toddler Curly Hair

Toddlers with curly hair are absolutely adorable, but taming and styling those wild curls can feel like an impossible task for parents. Tiny tots are notoriously resistant to letting you style their hair. And when you do wrestle them into submission, their curls seem to have a mind of their own, frizzing up into a … Read more

how to break cast curly hair

How to Break the Gel Cast on Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you likely know the struggle of trying to tame frizz and enhance your natural texture. Using styling products like gel is a common technique to help define curls and reduce frizz. However, this can sometimes result in crunchy, stiff hair known as a “gel cast.” The good news is that … Read more

how to make curly hair hang

How to Make Curly Hair Hang Down Instead of Poofing Up

For people with naturally curly hair, volume at the roots and poofy hair can be one of the biggest styling challenges. While a little body can look great, too much poofiness can make curly hair styles unbalanced and messy. If you feel your curls are too airy and have a mind of their own, don’t … Read more