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how soon can i swim after coloring my hair

How Soon Can I Swim After Coloring My Hair?

A refreshing dip in the pool can sound irresistible on a hot day. But if you just got your hair colored, is it safe to dive in? Or will your beautiful new hue be ruined? Here’s what you need to know about swimming after dyeing your hair. Overview of Hair Dyeing Let’s first recap what … Read more

can you swim with colored hair

Can You Swim With Colored Hair? A Complete Guide

Swimming is a fun summertime activity that many people with colored hair love to do. However, spending time in pools, beaches, lakes, and oceans can be damaging to your hair color. Chlorine, saltwater, and sun exposure can all cause your recently dyed tresses to fade quickly. So can you swim with colored hair? The short … Read more

where can i buy igora hair color

Where to Buy Igora Hair Color – A Complete Guide

Igora Royal hair color by Schwarzkopf Professional is a top salon brand loved by hair stylists for its superior gray coverage, rich color results, and care for the hair. But finding where to buy this professional-quality hair color for DIY use can be tricky. Here is a complete guide to purchasing Igora hair color including … Read more

how to avoid hot roots when coloring hair

How to Avoid Hot Roots When Coloring Hair: A Complete Guide

Having freshly colored hair can be exciting, but nothing ruins the look faster than the dreaded “hot roots” – those brassy regrowth sections that stand out against the rest of the colored hair. Hot roots create an obvious demarcation line, resulting in an unbalanced look. The good news is that hot roots can be prevented … Read more

how to change bitmoji hair color

How to Change Your Bitmoji’s Hair Color in Simple Steps

Bitmoji avatars have become a fun and popular way to express your personal style on social media and messaging apps. One of the most customizable features is your Bitmoji’s hair. You can choose from a wide array of colors from natural black and brown to vivid rainbow hues. If you feel like changing up your … Read more

how to get colored hairspray out of hair

How to Get Colored Hairspray Out of Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide

Colored hairsprays are a fun and temporary way to add a pop of vibrant color into your hairstyle. Often used for costumes, festivals, and holidays, these colored mists can wash out with just regular shampooing. However, some extra stubborn spray-on hair color can cling to strands even after multiple washings. If you find yourself with … Read more