does dry bar wash your hair

Does Drybar Wash Your Hair? What to Expect

Drybar has become synonymous with quick, convenient blowouts. But one question that often comes up is – does Drybar actually wash your hair for you before styling? The answer is yes! A shampoo and condition is included as part of the standard Drybar blowout experience. Keep reading to learn all about what to expect when … Read more

how to keep deep wave hair looking wet

How to Keep Deep Wave Hair Looking Wet: 12 Tips for Moisturized Waves

Deep wave hair extensions and wigs are beloved for their beautiful, touchable texture. But over time, those lush waves can lose their moisture and definition. Dry, frizzy deep wave hair lacks the sleek, wet look that makes this style so popular. Luckily, restoring moisture and shine to deep waves is easy with the right techniques … Read more