How to Get the Wet Look Hairstyle for Men


The “wet look” is a trendy, sleek hairstyle for men that makes it appear as if you just stepped out of the shower. It brings out texture and adds shine to give hair a glossy, hydrated appearance. Achieving the wet look on various hair lengths and textures is easy with the right products and techniques.

Overview of Creating the Wet Look for Men

  • The wet look works for short, medium, and long hairstyles. It can be tailored to hair types like straight, wavy, curly, and coily.

  • Hair should be clean before wet look styling. For maximum shine, condition hair properly.

  • Styling products like gel, wax, pomade, and mousse help shape and hold wet looks. Apply to damp or dry hair.

  • Finger styling, combs, and brushes can be used to arrange strands into place after applying product.

  • Reactivate the wet look throughout the day by re-wetting hair with water or reapplying product as needed.

  • Avoid over-styling or using excessive product, which can make hair stiff or greasy. Focus on enhancing natural texture.

Prepping Hair for the Wet Look

Before wet look styling, ensure hair is fresh and clean:

  • Shampoo and condition hair as you normally would before styling. This removes dirt, oil, and product buildup.

  • Towel dry hair so it’s damp but not sopping wet. Remove about 50-70% of moisture.

  • Detangle strands with a wide-tooth comb to prevent breakage and knots during styling.

  • Blow dry partially if desired, for volume and quicker drying time. Use hands to tousle.

  • Use heat protectant if blow drying to prevent damage to strands.

Starting with clean, detangled damp hair gives the best canvas for wet look styling.

Best Products for the Wet Look on Men’s Hair

The right products are key to shaping and holding wet hairstyles in place all day. Consider your hair type and length when choosing:

  • Gel – Classic wet look product that provides firm hold. Best for shorter to medium styles.

  • Pomade – Gives shine and pliable hold. Great for slick backs or pompadours.

  • Wax – Texturizing product good for natural hold. Works for medium to short hair.

  • Mousse – Foam product that adds volume. Ideal for thinner hair.

  • Hairspray – Finishing spray to lock styles into place. Use sparingly.

  • Oil – Sleek, subtle product that enhances shine. Good for all lengths.

  • Sea salt spray – Adds texture and body to hair pre-styling.

Experiment to see which products best suit your hair type and the level of hold and shine you want. Many men use a combination of products, like mousse and pomade together. Apply products to damp or dry hair depending on the product instructions.

How to Style Men’s Hair Into the Wet Look

Once you’ve prepped your hair and have products on hand, follow these steps:

1. Work Product Through Hair

  • Apply gel, pomade, mousse, etc. evenly from roots to ends.

  • Use fingers to gently distribute through hair.

  • For wax, emulsify a small amount in your hands before applying.

  • Style in sections for thorough coverage.

2. Arrange Strands

  • Style wet look with comb, brush, or fingers.

  • Brush hair back away from face.

  • Part or slick sections to the side or back.

  • Spike up top layers for messy texture.

3. Add Finishing Touches

  • Reapply product to any frizzy or unruly sections.

  • Mist sea salt spray over top for added texture.

  • Finish with a light hold hairspray for locking in style.

  • Use hands to tweak the final look.

Style hair into place while strands are still pliable from dampness and products. Let air dry fully before heading out.

Wet Look Styling Tips for Different Hair Types

Curly hair: Enhance texture with gel. Scrunch curls into shape. Diffuse dry partially.

Coily hair: Work curl cream through sections to define coils. Let air dry after styling.

Thick hair: Pomade controls and smooths thick locks. Add mousse for extra fullness.

Fine hair: Foam boosts volume on thin hair. Avoid heavy pomades that weigh hair down.

Straight hair: Strong hold gel sleeks back straight strands. Blow dry smooth with a brush.

Short hair: Finger style short hair with wax for light definition. Avoid over-styling.

Maintaining the Wet Look Throughout the Day

The wet look doesn’t have to last just for the beginning of your day. Here are tips to maintain and revive it:

  • Carry a small bottle of water or moisturizing hair spray. Mist hair to re-wet it when needed.

  • Pack travel sizes of your favorite styling product. Freshen up hair by working in a small amount.

  • For maximum hold, use a stronger finishing product like heavy duty hair gel. Reapply as needed.

  • If hair loses its wet sheen during the day, smooth a tiny amount of hair oil over strands.

  • Shower caps can refresh the wet look for events. Apply product and water, then cap hair.

  • Don’t overdo it. Too much rewetting or product can make hair limp and sticky.

Common Wet Look Styles for Men

There are many ways to wear the wet look depending on your hair length and personal style:

  • Slicked back – Gel sleeks hair into a polished look. Works for straight to wavy hair.

  • Wet spikes – Piecey, defined spikes with gel and finishing spray.

  • Surfer look – Mussed up, beachy waves with sea salt spray.

  • Pompadour – Volume on top slicked back at sides. Pomade boosts hold.

  • Bowl cut – Straight, chin-length layers brushed forward.

  • Buzz cut – Very short hair spiked up with wax. Avoid heavier products.

  • Shaggy mullet – Layers brushed back away from face. Air dry for texture.

  • Mohawk – Curved strip of vertical hair down center of head.

Go for a sleek, refined look or intentionally messy style – either way, the wet look has versatility for any man’s personal flair.

FAQs About the Wet Look for Men’s Hair

How long does the wet look last in men’s hair?

With the proper products and application, the wet look can last all day, but may need refreshed after more than 8 hours. Use strong hold gel for max endurance.

Does the wet look work for men with receding hairlines?

Yes, wet look products like pomade and wax work well to style and hold receding hair. Avoid using excessive product near the hairline, which can expose thinning.

Is the wet look good for men with thinning hair?

Thinning hair can benefit from wet styling products like mousse that add body and fullness. Just avoid heavy products like pomade that could weigh thin strands down. Lightly finger style only.

What is the best way to sleep with a wet look style?

If you must keep a wet style overnight, loosely tie a silk scarf or sleep cap over your hair. Use pillowcases of smooth fabrics like satin. Reshape hair gently in the AM with a spray.

How do you get wet hair texture for men?

For fresh-from-the-shower texture, scrunch a small amount of sea salt spray into damp hair. Air dry the rest of the way. Finish with light hold hairspray to get piecey, tousled locks.

Style Your Strands With a Trendy Wet Look

With some styling products and techniques, guys can easily achieve the popular wet look hairstyle. Tailor the slicked back or messy wet hair trends to complement your face, hair type, and personal tastes. With ample moisture, shine-enhancing products, and good hold, you’ll have heads turning to your fresh from the pool style anywhere you go.

How To Easily Achieve The “Wet Hair” Look


How do you make your hair look wet men?

How to Get Wet Hair Look
  1. Step 1 – Wash your hair. Use the world’s best conditioners for men to prepare it.
  2. Step 2 – Dry your hair. But not dry all the way, it must be damp.
  3. Step 3 – Use hair gel or musse. …
  4. Step 4 – Work the product through your hair and into your locks and curls. …
  5. Step 5 – Grab a hairspray bottle.

How do I make my hair look wet all day?

How to Master the Wet Hair Look in 6 Steps
  1. Start With Damp Hair. …
  2. Choose The Right Hair Gel. …
  3. Apply Gel To Your Roots And Lengths. …
  4. Comb Your Hair Back. …
  5. Spritz On A Glossing Spray. …
  6. Keep The Style In Place With Hair Spray.

What makes your hair look wet all day men?

To obtain this slick, wet-look effect, start by blow-drying your hair nice and straight so that you can slick your hair back more easily. Hair is divided with a low, side parting then pulled back and worked with a gel for a shiny effect. A small amount of gel is all you need for the wet look.

Does mousse make hair look wet?

As a general rule, the wetter your hair is when you use mousse, the shinier and “wetter” it will appear when you’ve finished styling. If you choose to wet your hair, wet your hair under the sink to ensure it’s evenly wet, with no dry spots.

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